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Pennie Gillis

Pennie has had 15 solo exhibitions of paintings and has exhibited in 32 group shows.

During 2010 to 2012 she was involved in making a new body of  large non-figurative work, working at Westbury Farm Studios in Milton Keynes, and Tanners Farm studios in Horsham. Some of ths work was in the Othello Cafe Gallery in Wakefield, from 2010 t0 2013.

During 2012, 13, and 2014 Pennie has been extending her non figurative work and is now involved in another surge of non - figurative work on a large scale. 

Also Pennie paints faces in oils on pieces of found wood which she then gilds with anything from nail varnish to gold leaf. She made 12 more of these peices in 2010 eleven on maple and one on a piece of an old board door with nails protruding from the top. This work is currently in The Gallery, Bishops Castle, Shropshire.Some works were available at the Park Barn, Horshm 26th and 27th November 2011.This work on wod has been extended to include several large nativities, a Garden of Eden, and a Pieta  painted on a teak table top. In 2012 and 13tis work was extended by a further 12 pieces some shown at the Month Of July Paintings 2013 in Chapel Ash.

She is obsessed with the sea and paints and makes carborundum, lino and colograph prints, of seascapes mostly of the beach and sea at Borth  Wales. These paintings and prints are very atmospheric and veer towards the abstract.

 Pennie also paints large mixed media non figurative work sometimes making many paintings which can be hung together to make a much larger piece. The largest she has made was 30 feet long and was hung at the Derby Playhouse on the curved wall halfway up the stairs. These paintings are available singly at a very reasonable cost to benefit Huntington Hall in Worcester.

She makes unusual ceramics, some to commission, and also carves in wood and stone. 

At present she has recently made 3 sconces for St Barts Church, Penn, Wolverhampton. which have now been delivered and are in place.


Pennie has written several plays notably The Changeling, given a rehearsed reading at the Contact Theatre in Manchester, and Home Sweet Home which was produced by Foursight Theatre at the Newhampton Arts Centre for a four night run.

She has recently finished two new plays, Betty's Day and Maureen

She has also made several films one of which, The Hill, was shown at the Light House, Wolverhampton, the New Rep in Birmingheam and The MAC in Birmingham.


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